When Hinata and Kageyama fail their short set, Ukai does not blame them and, as a substitute, urges the 2 to keep practicing. Ukai additionally states that no one will blame the person who tries to go for some extent good serve. Ukai then explains that timing is considered a very powerful asset and uses Kuroo’s blocking as an excellent instance of someone who uses timing to his benefit. Typically after the preliminaries finish, Itsukushima asks ukai about blocking off anybody who might seem advantageous to him. Not concerned much about teaching, Ukai would largely observe the team attempt to counter the wild and energetic Johzenji gamers. He additionally explains that they should keep in mind how much they are attacked as it can affect how they proceed to play.

Not lengthy after, Shimada and Takinoue are joined by Akiteru. There are many impactful characters, and so they face troubles, how to overcome them, and step ahead as a team. The series chronicles Seirin’s rise to growing to be Japan’s primary high school crew. He got here from Chidoriyama middle Haikyuu merchandise school and was seen as a highly effective player, shown when an opposing high school began to discuss possible threats on the Karasuno crew, mainly Nishinoya being a tremendous libero. After struggling against the tallest high school participant they’ve come throughout, Ukai would discover several issues about Hyakuzawa along with Daichi and Nishinoya that may help them turn things around. Ukai is proud that Asahi admitted how he felt and realized what he did fallacious while at the same time explaining that it is alright for them to feel nervous occasionally.

I felt this is probably the greatest spoken with tenacity in sports manga. Publish-time skip, Kenma is a CEO of a sports firm, Bouncing Ball corp. And sponsors Hinata. After seeing Hinata digging Ushijima’s spike, Ukai realizes that Hinata has executed greater than get hold of better abilities. After Bokuto falls into one in all his tempers, but Fukur┼Źdani continues to push forward without him, Yuki comes to see that fukur┼Źdani is a group that isn’t led by Bokuto but moderately the other means around. After explaining to Takeda the difference between the earlier quick and the brand new one, Ukai comments how he might want to have his grandfather attend the upcoming tournament as a way to see the new assault. At Asahi’s ultimate serve, Ukai notices that the ace didn’t use a soar serve.