The phrase‘time is money’does not always hold when it comes to sports betting.Think of watching a football game for three hours just to get your money back.This is one of the most frustrating things in sports betting!

A ‘push’ refers to the result of a game that finishes in a tie or one that ends right on the listed point spread. Pushes are relatively common in sports betting, particularly in sporting events that use point spreads, such as football or basketball.However, they can also happen when wagering on certain spreads in soccer or run lines in baseball.

For instance, consider that you’re betting on an NFL point spread in a match between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys with the spread set at +/-3. Regardless of whether you bet on theGiants -3 or the Cowboys +3, the game will possibly end at 18-15, 21-18, or 25-22 to the Giants. Each of these scores will result in a push.

What happens if a bet results in a push?

Single bets, also known as straight wagers,are refunded if they result in a push. For example, if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are +5 and the New Orleans Saints win 26-21, a cashback refund will be available for both sides.Moneyline bets result in a push if there is an actual tie. Consider a 20-20 draw in a match between the New EnglandPatriots at -250 against the New York Jets at +240. Both bets will be refunded.When teasers and parlays are involved, things tend to get slightly more complicated.

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What does apush offer?

It is possible to completely avoid pushes and win to make the most out of your betting. To avoid pushes in the easiest way, bet on spreads that involve a half-point –referred to as a hook. With a spread of 3.5 or 4.5, or a total sum of 37.5, a push can never happen. Buy a half-point if you can’t get a spread or total with a half-point.

While there is a small chance of a push occurring in a moneyline bet, it does occasionally happen. In most cases, NHL, NBA and MLB events rarely result in a tie. In other kinds of sports such as soccer, three-way betting options are offered – a teamcan either win,draw or lose. This means that a push in a three-way moneyline will result in a loss instead of a refund.

Aiming for a win and settling for apush

A push gives you a free data point to learn from. However, this only holds if your bet is refunded by the sportsbook. When betting on sports, knowledge is the key to success. To get started on the right foot, always read the terms and conditionsso that you can find all the basic information needed before placing any wagers.