McLintock would ride in to the city to have a recreation! McLintock agreed to help Puma, as he had helped McLintock in the past. The combat system offers the basic options of other titles, with normal and strong attacks that can be combined to perform different combos, charge attacks, or use variants with different functionalities, such as the variation by pressing the left pad and the triangle button to execute. Saitama at the beginning of the series, while the female has a red tracksuit. Fang test, On the other hand, each has its characteristic techniques. In contrast, in Avatar’s Co, at least initially, it has the Silver Fang movement configured, so it will be necessary to see if it will be possible to access it in the closing version of the game.

These can be pressed in battle by pressing the L1 and R1 buttons, though, in Saitama’s co, it will be different in that in his co, he has to stop for a while, measured by an indicator at the top left of the screen before he can enter. ‘The confrontations are taken to alternate between characters and the dangers that can arise. Among the characters selected for the battle was Saitama, who can only be selected as the third character of the group for being the most powerful of the team, Genos, Tatsumaki, Silver Fang, Mumen Rider, Atomic Samurai, Speedo Sound Sonic. Indomitable Will: Similarly to Saitama, Satoru possesses lots of sheer willpower. When Saitama arrives, he can attack the opponent or, failing that, be staff. Still, in any One Punch Man merchandise case, his arrival facilitates victory in battle since, as the title of the series says, with a single battle, he will defeat the rival.

For its part, the representation of the characters is quite faithful to the animated series, including some characteristic features of each character, such as Saitama, who considers Tatsumaki a lost girl, or Genos, who tries to master Silver’s abilities. In the playable section, the sensations remain that this game uses a system comparable to that of previous Spike titles, such as J-Stars Victory VS or the recent Bounce Pressure, which is not encouraging initially. Still, in the next Take Out game, yes, it is. This, in turn, helps to increase the energy bar needed to perform special attacks, shoot L2 together with each of the buttons, as well as hit the enemy or manually charge it with R2 and X to accumulate a maximum of nine levels.