Silvercorp Metals Inc., also known as Silvercorp, is a mining company. This company specializes in producing silver, zinc, and lead metals. These metals are concentrated from the mines in China. Silvercorp majorly operates silver and lead and zinc mines located in the Ying Mining District. This district is situated in the Henan Province of China and Gaocheng. The Ying Mining District is also home to several other mines. However, silver, zinc, and lead are the only ones this Company specializes in and is the major source of production of these metals.

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There has been a surge in silver miners as the metal prices have spiked up the highest since February.

  • Silver prices have hit the highest price since February and rose to nearly $18/ounce Monday, and up 13 percent over the last five sessions. This has greatly helped in the shares of some of the precious metal miners.
  • Stocks of Mag Silver, Silvercorp Metals, and the Fortuna Silver Mines, First Majestic Silver were one of the biggest equity gainers. This has to lead to an increase in the optimism for some equities and it has returned on the back of the vaccine. With the support of the Federal Reserve Chairman, there has been a shift.
  • There are various reports on the consolidation in this segment. For instance, the Guyana and Silvercorp can come in conjunction with some strong results from the Fortuna. This may also become helping the stock.

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Investing in the stock market, especially the metal industry can bring huge profits to the investors, however, you should take into consideration that the company you are investing in is stable and have a good financial standing.

Every company will come across times where they could lose their stock value because of the prevailing market conditions and economic failures. This is normal and shouldn’t become a major concern of worry for an investor. When it comes to the stock market, regular ups and downs are pretty normal. However, you must see the fact that the company is stable and is a financial success. You should always invest in companies that have a good financial balance and system because it will assure that your profits will increase constantly. You can also check leu stock at