If you are a Tamil movie lover, you might also love watching Tamil web series. One of the latest Tamil web series is Pettaiakali which is one of the best Tamil web series that you will come across. You can watch this web series exclusively on aha’s OTT site and enjoy it with your friends and family.

Raj Kumar directed this web series, and the first episode was released on the OTT platform of aha. The Pettaiakali web series is produced by the Gross root film company, and in this guide, you will get to learn more about this web series.

The Story

The main story of this web series revolves around the game called Jallikattu or Manchuvirattu. Tamils are very sentimental when it comes to the word ‘jallikattu’, and you can take the 2017 protest against the jallikattu ban as a great example of this. As per the daily activists, people who fought seriously at that time did not consider the need for that struggle and that there was politics behind jallikattu being the identity of Tamils.

The view that the protest as a whole was an emotional outburst of Tamilian youth was usually presented. The Pettaiakali web series touched on some important parts of the game known as Jallikattu. This is one of the most unique and latest Tamil web series to watch on OTT platforms. 

Where Does the Story Take Place?

The story is shown to take place in Sivagangai, South Tamil Nadu and the first episode is introduced by the words “The Great Eruption of a Dormant Volcano”. The character who hides, attacks people, and then runs away introduces you to the story. It is explained that their forefathers were soldiers in the army of the Pandya king and were converted to agricultural labourers without having their own land. 

This can be considered an important point, and the caste riots led by the agricultural labourers against the farmers made them lose their jobs. After this, they travel somewhere else, and this story explains how they improve themselves. The second episode is even more interesting than the first one, and it talks about the murder of Pandi (Kaliyarasan) in the forest.

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