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Both full members of the ICC, the United Kingdom and South Africa, amended their laws to govern gambling after substantial match-fixing scandals within cricket. 55 Match-Fixing at Cricket: A Timeline, supra note 21; visit Gambling Act, 2005, c. 19 The U.K.; National Gambling Act 7 of 2004 § 3 S. Neither country was involved in soi keo toi nay any substantial scandals, As they amended their legislation. However, in gambling, India continues to take care of corruption. As opposed to criminalizing gambling, India should embrace aspects of the U.K. South African legislation to control gambling. There are just two ways South Africa and the United Kingdom govern sports gambling: throughout cricket boards and federal legislation.

56For example, the Uk has got the England Wales Cricket Board and the U.K. 19 U.K.. This Comment assesses the publication issue of regulating by assessing the laws and enforcement mechanisms of the UK and South Africa betting along with also the impact such regulation continues on match-fixing and tainted gaming. Part I discusses chords. Part II assesses the ICC Anti-Corruption Code within cricket. Parts III and IV discuss the anti-corruption laws of South Africa and the United Kingdom and gambling . Part V discusses the present ban in India and Part VI suggests that a new model for India.